Booth Entertainment- Trade Shows

iPad caricatures drawn at booth entertainment on NEW iPad is a real show stopper! 


Every iPad caricature can include your Event Theme, Company Logo or Product Name for a nominal charge - a pleasant reminder to subjects of your gift.

To create a unique template for your event, Kumar would require a high resolution image of your logo.

Display Screens:

There are 3 options available regarding display screens.

Option 1:  24 inch LED monitor
This screeen is oriented in a portrait mode. It is easy to handle and available rent–free.

Option 2: 30 inch Apple HD Cinema display Screen.
This screen has ‘WOW’ factor – Kumar has custom designed this set up to cover minimum floor area. A 30 inch Apple HD cinema display flat panel screen is placed on a 7 foot high vertical stand in a portrait mode to generate maximum impact on waiting crowd. It is rented for $ 150/day provided duration of your assignment is minimum of 6 hours.

Option 3: Sometime clients prefer to rent a large high defination TV screen or multiple of TVs to impress big crowd.

Please note: Since caricatures are drawn in a ‘portrait mode’, clients who provide a large screen are encouraged to have it mounted in a portrait mode. If screen is mounted on a landscape mode than no matter how big it is, half of the screen may be wasted.

Requirement from client:

For booking 6 hours or more: 2 armless chairs, well–lit area, Wi-Fi and electricity.
For booking less than 6 hours: 2 armless chairs, small table, 2 armless chairs, well-lit area, Wi-Fi and electricity.


The payment is accepted in two installments, an advance deposit to hold the date and the remainder is due on the day of the event.

Please note:

If there is any technical glitch and Kumar is not able to perform live digital caricatures then he reserve the right to switchover to hand-drawn caricature. They are delivered as high resolution image clients need to print it themselves.
In case of unforeseeable circumstances, if Kumar is unable to attend your event then he shall either return your deposit or arrange for another caricaturist to attend in his place.


 Studio drawn digital caricatures

Click on thumbnails to enlarge - Live iPad Caricatures at Trade Shows

  • Trade Show cartoonist
  • Trade Show cartoonist
  • Trade Show cartoonist three
  • Trade Show cartoonist four
  • Trade Show cartoonist five
  • Trade Show cartoonist six
  • Trade Show entertainment seven
  • Trade Show entertainment eight
  • Trade Show entertainment nine
  • Trade Show entertainment ten
  • Trade Show entertainment eleven
  • Trade Show entertainment twelve