Ideas to spice-up your wedding

When you book Kumar to draw live caricatures at your wedding for 3 hours or more, you receive a FREE digital caricature of wedding couple WORTH $ 258/.

This caricature is drawn at Studio referring to the photograph of bride and groom and normally
emailed before your wedding. A large number of couples have used the digital wedding caricature to spice up their wedding. Below are DIY tips that'll save you hundreds of dollars

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Save Hundreds of Dollars with your digital caricature

Below are some DIY ideas which has helped a large number of our clients to save hundreds of dollars. The caricature not only added extra dimension to the wedding but also personalised it.

Welcome Board:

Add a personal touch to your wedding. Celebrate your landmark event with a Welcome board. It’s easy and affordable.

Print your digital wedding caricature to A2 or A1 size, mount it and place it on an easel either at the entrance of your wedding reception hall or at a prominent place in the wedding hall. The easel could be borrowed from friends, colleagues or from the venue where you’re hosting your event.

After the wedding is over you can frame the caricature and hang It on the wall of your home. This will add a creative element to your home or interiors.

Kumar’s FREE digital wedding caricature is delivered as a high resolution image. It’s fit to print from small to large size.

Photo on left: Wedding caricature of Jane and Anthony, venue: The Sibel Pier One Hotel, Walsh Bay.

Photo on right:Wedding caricature of Renee and Robert, venue: Royal Marina Yachts Club, Woolooware.

Print, Frame and Hang on Wall:

Instead of printing your wedding caricature to big poster you may prefer to print and frame it.

If framed, then after displaying it at your wedding reception you can directly hang it on the wall of your home.

Photos on left: Wedding caricature of Stacey and Peter, Venue: Hunts MotorInn, Casula and Engagement caricature of Karina and Brett, venue: Balcombe Heights Estate, Baulkham Hills.

Photo on right:Wedding caricature of Mary and Erin, venue: Wharf Restaurant, Walsh Bay and Wedding caricature of Janine and Bernard, venue: Pantoon Glass Boat.

Sign–in Board:

Ask your guests to sign on your printed caricature. When party is over gift caricature to your guest as a 'thank you memento' for the time spent on your birthday party. Frame your printed digital caricature with best wishes from all your guests.

This is a way to give your guests an opportunity to share personal congratulations and provide a lasting memento on your special day. They are hugely popular at weddings and much more fun than guestbook sign–in register at the reception.

Photos on left: Sign board at 25th Wedding anniversary of Glendi and Phil, Venue: Bankstown Paceway, Bankstown and Wedding caricature of Karina and Brett, venue: Balcombe Heights Estate, Baulkham Hills.

Photo on right:Wedding caricature of Melinda and Nolan, venue: Riverside Oaks, Cattai.

Print your digital caricature on matt paper either at office work or printing lab and professionally mounted it. While mounting keep a good size margin area and leave the glass off frame. After the wedding is over one install the glass on frame.

Guest books are great but at most times end up in a drawer. One can use digital caricature to create a sign–in board. The family and friends can write congratulations and best wishes in the margin area. Later you can keep your memories alive by framing the sign-in board and hanging it on the wall of your home.

Crowd Entertainment:

Caricatures are fantastic gifts and a sure way to put a smile on your friends and family faces. Moreover your guests will be entertained even if they aren't drawn. Make your guests feel a little bit famous and surprise them with a caricaturist drawing at your party.

Caricatures are great icebreaker during corporate events – they lighten the atmosphere, get people talking ( people love to compare their drawings with each other ) and conversation flows.

Caricatures by Kumar are the thank you gifts for the people attending your weddings! This is an opportunity for guests not only to take home a very personal memento of the occasion but also an ORIGINAL work of art!

Wall of Fame, Table or caricature corner at your Wedding :

It is a unique fun style of celebrating your wedding.

Print your free digital wedding caricature at Officeworks at A2 or A1 size. It costs $10/ to print to A2 size and $ 19/ to print to A1 size on 168 gsm paper.

Blue tag the caricature on your wall. At party arrange sitting of your guests with Kumar. When Kumar finish a caricature, get someone to blue tag it on same wall. In no time wall would be full with caricatures. Soon all your guests will gather around wall and have a big laugh at each other caricature.

Pre-printed Template:

For a nominal fee, Kumar can customised each and every drawing drawn at your wedding with your message, date and mini version of your caricature.

The mini version of your wedding caricature on each drawing paper makes your guests remember your wedding as long as the picture is pinned on their fridge or framed on the wall. It also serves a constant reminder to them of how much fun they had at your event.

Photos on left: Drawing template with mini caricature of Janine and Bernard

Photo on right:Drawing template with mini wedding caricature of Laurie and Aisla.


Giant Screen Display:

At few events bride and groom has displayed their digital wedding caricature on either a giant screen or via projector.

Photos on left: Wedding reception of Monique and Adam venue: Reef Theatre, Sydney Aquarium, S

Perhaps its good idea to check with venue of your event if they could arrange for a digital screen. If so, the wedding caricature could make an extra impact on your wedding for FREE.


Life-Size-Cut Outs:

Your Life Size cardboard Cutout can be printed from free digtial wedding caricature.

Recently on a live assignment Kumar was surprise to see a lift-size cut outs created from the free digital wedding caricature. This caricatue was star of the event. Everyone loved it and wanted their picture with it as a memory of the party. Later the couple told him it costed them only $ 99/ to print it.

Photos on left: Wedding caricature about 1.8m high, front of cut-out of Katy and Darren, venue: Curzon hall, Marsfield

Photos on right: Back of wedding caricature cut-out of Katy and Darren.

Wedding Stationery – Extra Fun:

Turn your party as the event of the year. Use your full colour wedding caricature in wide range of wedding accessories. Your guest will love it and it will excite them about the night.

Photos on left: Wedding caricature printed on mug at wedding of Kim

Photos on right: Guestbook, wedding of Kristie and Chris, venue: Ridge Hotel, Bankstown.


Many couples use the free digitalĀ caricature to print invitation, place setting, thank you cards, wine labels, stubby holders, email icons, website avatars, welcome boards etc.

Gift a digital wedding caricature to couple. This would be a unique gift to someone who has everything.

Photos on left: 25th Wedding annivesary of Glendi and Phil, venue: Bankstown paceway, Bankstown.

Photos on right: Wedding caricature at Thank you card (front and back sides) at wedding of George and Lydia's wedding, venue: Curzon Hall, Marshfield. George also used the caricature to print a Welcome board at the reception.


Invitation Cards:

Your party invitations are your first point of contact with your guests.It should put a smile on their face even before the party has started.In the past many couples have used their wedding digital caricature as artwork to produce wedding invitation cards.

The wedding caricature invitations are on-of-a-kind and a great way to put a smile on your party guests.

Photos on left: Invitation card of Gilly's wedding.

Photos on right: Invitation card of Renee's wedding.


We have a 4-5 week turn around on wedding caricatures from the time we receive your photograph. You need to allows for extra time for creating your DIY props. Please plan accordingly.


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